Bio… or something like that

We called her Mrs. “Z”. She was my oldest friend on the face of the earth. Mrs. “Z” was over the nursery at the church where my parents attended. It was 1958. Fast forward to a couple of years ago – I visited her in her hospital room where she was dying. She told me, again, about the time I was about 4 years old. My mother came to her for advice because she was worried about her son. She told Mrs. “Z” that all I wanted to do was draw pictures, and my mother wanted to know what to do, if that was normal. Mrs. “Z” said “let him draw…” Right up until her death she always encouraged me to develop the gift that God had given. This pursuit has been quiet a journey.

Psalm 139 says that we are “knit together in our mother’s womb”. God has made us a particular way, and He made me with a bent to create artwork. The abilities I am always laboring to develop are a gift from God and I thank Him for those abilities and gifts.

Since those early days when I stayed in the church nursery, I have drawn, painted, chiseled and built. I have worked in pencil, watercolor, acrylics, inks and dyes, chalk and currently I am working to develop an understanding of oils.

Painting Fort Worth's Texas & Pacific Railroad Station, an excellent example of Art Deco

Painting a 24 x 30 oil on canvas of Fort Worth’s Texas & Pacific Railroad Station in downtown Fort Worth, Texas.

I have had no formal art training, so I can’t fill this space with deep thoughts of color harmony or shape or form or anything like that. And to say I am self-taught would not be true either. The “self” that doesn’t “know”, certainly can not teach himself. I am learning what I can from those who have traveled before me, those who have learned a great deal more than me and are willing to share. I do appreciate those artist and painters I have had the privilege of meeting who have shared their knowledge with me.

In past years I have worked as an illustrator at a curriculum publishing company, worked as a free-lance illustrator, worked as an animator and graphic designer with a multimedia company. I’ve created children’s magazine illustrations, book illustrations, book jacket designs and painted works on commission. During one segment of this journey I airbrushed vans, motorcycle tanks, T-shirts and a 40 foot mural.

My current subject matter is varied; I simply love to paint God’s creation, past and present; be it architecture  animals, people or the landscape. For me, art must have some kind of meaning and tell a story. I am drawn to subjects that are rich in purpose that may be hidden below the surface. The look in the eyes of a hard working cowboy. The beautiful architecture created by gifted men made in the image of God…the beauty in the pedals of a flower. A pair of well worn boots resting on a wooden floor. Things like an old abandoned barn or house that once heard the laughter of those who called the place “home”. Places and things that speak deeply of life … ideas that live beyond the paint on the canvas.